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Laughing Girl

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Hi I am Josephine but I go by Jo to make things easier. (By the way, I was the last kid in my class to learn how to spell my long name.) Jo-sep-hine

I am a mom of twin 22 year olds, married for how many years? Well that will be 29 years in September. (Wow how time has flown. )

I am the youngest of four kids. My parents left Hungary during a revolution in 1956. My mom, Josephine, is no longer with us but my dad is, and he is is 92. Recent events in Ukraine have brought back some memories for him. Fleeing your home, not knowing where to go. He was 26 years old and my mom was 21 with a baby!

My dad met my mom she was in the middle of changing a messy diaper and he thought, "She will make a great mom someday." [Side note: my punctuation and writing skills are not the most proper. I write like a talk]

They started dating and she was always laughing. She could shake a room with her laugh and honestly it used to embarrass us. (how dumb were we. As I have aged I give no fox to what people think. Life is too short for that nonsense. ) Anyway, he called her Laughing girl, Nevető lány in Hungarian.

During the process of developing our wines, I wanted to start with the name first and then build from there with flavors and personalities that reflect that person. Laughing Girl is named after my mom. She lost her dad at 12 years old so she had to grow up fast. She was a no nonsense kind of girl who didn't take herself too seriously and yes she laughed a lot.

When she died at 79 years old it rocked all of our worlds. A great light was gone and a huge void was felt by our family. Proof that life is short so go for what makes you happy! (That's you I say! Yes you!)

Laughing Girl is white wine with a touch of elderberry. A unique flavor that doesn't take itself too seriously- just like my mom. So cheers to all those laughing girls our there!

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