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Honoring my Parents

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

We recently had the group, Toledo Helps Ukraine, speak at our church. A young couple and a young girl were there and all I could picture was my parents and brother as new immigrants standing in a church, not knowing the language or culture.

I am a first generation American because my parents made the difficult decision to leave their lives and families behind. In 1956 a revolution against communism led to my parents fleeing Hungary. They were in their 20's and my brother was a baby.

It was some 20 years before they saw their families again. When I was 8 I took a trip to meet relatives I had never met. This was that first return. Hungary was still under communist rule. At the airport we were greeted with security armed with machine guns. We were followed wherever we went. It was a huge eye opening experience.

From that point on I never took our freedoms for granted. Also our grocery stores full of food, our wonderfully soft toilet paper, and indoor washing machines. We are so blessed.

We are hosting a fall celebration honoring my parents who made that hard call to leave their lives and families behind. This is also a fundraiser benefiting Toledo Helps Ukraine. We want to help others who have also made that hard decision. I'm making my Mom Josephine's chicken paprikas recipe. So get your taste buds ready!

To get your tickets click here!

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