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Fox on the Run

I just took an evening walk down our driveway and at the end of it I saw a fox run across the road into our front pasture. It turned and looked my way spooked by the presence of me. What a beautiful treat that was and I thought of all the other blessings we see and hear in our property.

The rich sound of chirping birds fills the air with the distant sound of a mower. Earlier this week we heard a peacock and saw an oriole fly through. As well as migratory birds just passing through, we've been blessed to see eagles, hear mocking birds, and have watched fisher kings dive into our creek. On my morning walk I have been yelled at by geese watching their babies. Sometimes you will see a family of ducks swimming around. We once found an abandoned baby duck on our patio as well as a baby garter snake.

As a kid I was that child who brought home animals to nurse. My mom lost it when I used her cutting board to cut up worms for the baby bird I found. I was also kind to worms, taking them off the drive so they didn't get ran over or scorched by the sun. (I still do that)

Sometimes I think animals come to me for help. I know it sounds crazy but once I was working cleaning our camper and a huge bird kept hopping towards me. Closer and closer until it was right outside the camper door. I went inside and it kept coming to our house until it was on our sidewalk. I turned out to be an eagle covered in oil. A rescue group came and got it after some tense moments of my cats trying to check it out.

Sitting on our patio I forgot there's bird nest in the bush next to me. The momma bird just flew out like a bat out of hell. Scared the poop out of me! Speaking of getting scared. One morning as I walked, a coyote ran across in front of me and zoomed along through our yard. I think it was the straggler of a group and my instinct was to yell, clap and run at it. Apparently my instincts were correct. After that I walked with pepper spray.

So if you are like me and love being surrounded by nature and don't mind enjoying wine in the middle of it, stop by for a visit. The animals are waiting for you.

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