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alice Smallman

It started as a stressful Sunday. My daughter and I were ready to leave for church and my husband calls to tell me he is heading over to his parents. His dad is non responsive and my mother in law thinks he had a stroke. We head over and Judy keeps repeating, "I thought he was having a stroke". My husband followed the ems to the local medical facility and it was determined his blood sugar was way too low. So we spent the day there. Everything else became a waiting game as we waited for blood work and brain scan results.

As I sat on the couch I got a message from Kayla telling me that our dear friend Alice died and neither of us knew about it.

We had all worked at YES FM together. Alice was the one who encouraged me to start our winery. I had told Alice how God kept giving me nudges to follow this dream. Every time we talked, something else would come back as a confirmation that this was what I needed to do. I told her the name, White Stag, and she went on vacation and saw a White Stag. She framed a picture of it for me and gave me a beautiful card when I left the station. The worse part was that Alice died and I didn't know it and it was too late to see her. Too late to give her a final bottle. (She got some of my practice runs)

So Cheers to a wonderful woman who was taken too young. To my encourager to the reason White Stag Winery exists! May you be gliding your kayak through the still and quiet waters. Where nature surrounds you and cancer exists no more.

Love you my friend!

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