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White Stag Winery produces unique wines from east coast grown produce.  Tired of the same old, same old? Want to get out of your comfort zone and try something new and unique?  You’ve found your winery.  We give you permission to step into your joy.


We have selected unique grapes to grow such as Bianca, a Hungarian grape.  Tasting wines should not be intimidating because we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We want to think out of the box and be experimental with our wines by trying new flavors and blends.

We just finished our outdoor wine garden that is an experience for adventurers who are seeking something new and exciting.  Somewhere away from your ordinary lives right in the middle of nature.  If you are looking for a more authentic life with joy and fulfillment and want a quality, unique, no bs brand, you found us.


Our goal is for you to head back into the world encouraged to lead your own path and blaze your own trail.

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My Story

"Don’t chase your ancestors.  Chase what they were chasing."  Lajos Kassai

That quote by Lajos Kassai is what we are chasing at White Stag winery.  Chasing our dream to start a winery while encouraging others to chase their dream.  Life is too short just be living your status quo or to drink boring wine.   Just typing boring wine cracks me up!  (The inside joke is that in Hungarian, wine is called bor. "Boring bor!"   Talking about being redundant!)


Building other brands I realized I wanted to build my own brand.  I had become restless.  Long story short I have a degree in biology, trained and worked as an optician.  I had twin baby girls and stayed home doing some side hustles, volunteered in youth ministry which led me to work in Christian radio as a dj and public relations director.   I now had the skills to build my own biz and a night at a winery planted the seed which grew and was now ready.  Moving on gave me freedom to create my own path.

My path is now turning fruit to wine.  The excitement is turning a foaming fermenting, cloudy mix into a pristine clear wine.  I love how this process mixes science, intuition and all your senses. I love the experience of wine tastings and I love how it brings joy to others.

I love to cook and entertain.  Cooking is the ultimate gift to show love and is my love language.  I’m a first generation American.  I grew up speaking Hungarian and going to lots of Hungarian and German picnics.  I married a German boy. We met over music and I worked as a DJ and got to meet some great Christian bands.  Good food, good wine, good music (I’m in heaven) My last Mother’s day my husband built me an ax throwing board.  Not the typical mom gift but awesome.  

Join Us

Our outdoor Wine Garden is open Thursday 6-9pm,  Friday 6-9pm,  Saturday 3-10pm

Note: Special holiday hours
Sat, July 13 we are open 3-8pm.

July 18-20 We are closed for a private event.

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